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Our minimum payout amount is $2 from your Available Cash Balance. Note that amounts in your Repurchase Wallet are not available for withdrawal - they are used to purchase additional positions in the various Matrices.
Because our minimum withdrawal amount is so low, we have limited the withdrawal frequency to once per day.
F15 will pay your payout requests within 72 hours of you requesting payment (Our normal schedule is between 12 & 48 hours). As soon as you have $2 in your Available Cash Balance you can request the withdrawal from the Request Withdrawal page in your members area. You can request a maximum of one time per day.
Free members cannot withdraw their earnings.
They need to purchase a ZeroF15teen position for $5 and then they will be able to withdraw any remaining and future earnings.
If you are not satisfied with the F15 program, you can receive a full refund by submitting a support ticket within 48 hours of your initial funding purchase.

The refund will be to the original ecurrency account you purchased with.

If you have used any of the provided product then you have accepted the terms of F15 and no refund will be issued.

Your refund will be issued within 72 hours of request. Please keep in mind that commissions are paid instantly when you purchase.
For your $5.00 purchase into ZeroF15teen, you get 2500 Text Ad Impression and 2500 Banner Impression Credits.

These ads are shown here on the various pages of F15, along with other locations in our M2I network of sites.
Also a percentage of impressions are shown on the multitude of other marketing sites we are affiliated with.

Purchase into higher matrices comes with additional benefits, including higher credits, Login Ads, Business Directory Listings, and Solo Email Ads.
TheF15teen is mainly an advertising provider, that also has an affiliate marketing portion to increase the advertising exposure.

We currently sell:

Banner Advertising (both rotating and static) in 3 sizes.
Text Link Advertising
Solo Email Advertising
Paid To Click
Login Ad Exposure
Permanent Business Directory Links

These ads are shown here on the various pages of F15.
Solo Email Ads are sent to the member base here at F15.
The banner and text advertising are also shown on other locations in our M2I network of sites.
Definitely not! The majority of our members will likely remain focused on the lower cost matrices, especially the ZeroF15teen matrix which only costs $5. We actually suggest buying multiple positions at regular intervals in ZeroF15teen to ensure a regular income. The higher matrices do offer great advertising benefits, but may only be used by more serious marketers.
We direct 20% of your matrix earnings to your Repurchase Wallet so that it can be used to purchase additional positions in the various matrices of F15. This provides you with extra earning centers and also helps push earnings through to more members.

Every time you purchase, between 15 and 22 members get paid!

Note that all direct referral earnings are paid to your Cash Wallet - 100% of it is yours to do as you wish.
In many programs this would be problematic in that you would lose that downline member.
In TheF15teen, the impact is less because of our Company Forced aspect.
You earn from two streams in T15; the matrix earnings and the sponsor bonuses.
In a Company Forced Matrix, when one of your downline members purchases into the matrix, they are unlikely to fall under you in the matrix anyway, so if they purchase before you, the impact here is likely no different had you upgraded first.
In T15 you will still earn the Sponsor Bonuses exactly the same in either case, so no change there.
Having said that, the sooner you decide to enter the higher matrices, the more members that will fall in under you.
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