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Most definitely! We actually encourage purchasing positions on a regular scheduled basis, for example; 1 position per day or 1 per week/month. This provides you with a potential for ongoing earnings. We actually put 20% of your matrix earnings into a Repurchase Wallet so that you can purchase additional positions as your downline grows.
We do not have a pay it forward option, though we do allow member to member transfers for a small fee of 1% (to curtail abuse).

This allows you to transfer funds to another member so that they can make a purchase. This makes a lot of sense as we pay a huge instant 40% Personal Referral bonus back to you when your referrals purchase.

You can perform these transfers from the Members Area - Finance > Balance Transfer > Transfer to Member.
The entire affiliate structure is a set of COMPANY FORCED matrices with a maximum of 2 members on your first level and down 15 levels. All other members fall below so there will be spillover, but there are no guarantees.

This will allow members which cannot sponsor others to earn an income as well.

The number of levels down is 15 for each member to be paid on. See the Program Details page for a full explanation.

This 2X15 Matrix structure is then copied 7 times with increasing dollar amounts.

Company Forced Matrix means that we have one large 2X board that fills from top to bottom and left to right, regardless of who sponsors the member. A member that you personally refer likely will not fall into your board (though it is possible).

Because of this though, we offer a VERY Generous Referral Commission plan (40% Direct Referral Commission in the ZeroF15teen board).

We pay Referral Commissions on 2 to 8 levels, depending on the board in question. See the Program Details page for details.
YES! Because we are a COMPANY forced program, positions get filled from top to bottom, left to right, regardless of who the sponsor is.

We have built F15 to help those members who struggle to sponsor others.

Having said that, we have a huge Referral Bonus Structure, where between 30 and 52% of the purchase cost is distributed to active sponsors!

We have tackled the double edged sword of matrices! Allowing those unable to sponsor to earn, while adequately compensating those who are team leaders and top sponsors!
F15 tackles the major problem with Company Forced programs, which is why should excellent recruiters join, when those they recruit will likely not fall into their downline.

We have overcome this by providing HUGE Referral Bonuses which make up for that fact.

Coupled with the idea that it will be easier to recruit members because it is company forced and this is a Win-Win for all members!

Those who cannot recruit can still earn in the Company Forced Structure, while those that can sponsor others will benefit from that same Company Forced Structure AND the AWESOME Referral Bonuses!
You can only purchase into the higher boards as long as you have already purchased into the one below.

For example, you cannot buy into OneF15teen without first buying into ZeroF15teen.

You must have a position in OneF15teen before buying into TwoF15teen and so on.
All matrices are filled the same way - Company Forced - filling top to bottom, left to right, regardless of sponsor.

Those higher boards fill the same way as the first one. As more people purchase, the levels fill down.
With the COMPANY Forced Structure of all of the matrix plans, it is possible to earn without referring others.

It may take some time, but eventually you will earn as your matrix of 65534 members fills.

Because of the rate of fill, we do suggest that you purchase extra positions on a regular basis. If every member does this your matrix fills faster.

While sponsoring is not required to earn, there is lots of extra cash to be earned for those who do. Depending on the matrix, between 30 and 52% is diverted to those active sponsors. As an example, in ZeroF15teen, 45% of the purchase price is diverted to the matrix payouts ($0.15 per member down 15 levels = $2.25) and 50% is diverted to Referral Bonuses (40% = $2, for Direct Referral and 10% = $0.50 for 2nd Level Referral).
The matrices themselves are 2x15 Company Forced Matrices that Fill Top to Bottom and Left to Right.
As a member of the matrix you get paid every time someone falls under you in the matrix, regardless of who sponsors them.

The Sponsor Bonuses work on a similar idea, but has to do with sponsor genealogy.
I will use the matrix FifteenF15teen as an example to show more referral levels.
FifteenF15teen Matrix pays 7 Levels of Referral Commissions.

In the FifteenF15teen Matrix itself, it pays like all the others, it fill top to bottom and left to right and pays every time someone falls into the matrix under you
For the Sponsorship Bonuses it pays based on who sponsored whom.
So if we find that sometime in the past, Mike sponsored Bill, who sponsored Mary, who sponsored John, who sponsored Lily, who sponsored Phil, who sponsored Diane.
When Diane then sponsors Robert and he purchases into the FifteenF15teen matrix, members directly above him in the matrix, up to 15 levels up, get paid part of his entrance fee. That is the 2x15 matrix part of the payment.
For the Sponsor Bonus aspect, Diane will earn 30% direct commission on Robert's purchase.
Phil, who sponsored Diane, will earn 7% of the purchase.
Lily, who sponsored Phil, will earn 5% of the purchase.
John, who sponsored Lily, will earn 4% of the purchase.
Mary, who sponsored John, will earn 3% of the purchase.
Bill , who sponsored Mary, will earn 2% of the purchase.
Mike, who sponsored Bill, will earn 1% of the purchase.

TheF15teen provides a full compliment of marketing tools.
We have premade banner ads of various sizes and designs, along with a dynamic banner which contains your personal picture for branding along with site stats to entice new members.
We provide splash pages and a landing page which provides quick signup for new members.
Those new members are enticed to purchase, which provide commission for you, through a series of automatic emails giving them additional information about the program.
There are also premade email and text ads for you to use, but we do recommend personalizing them to increase effectiveness.
The Tell Friends option also allows you to send emails to your contacts directly through your member back office - import option available. NOTE that SPAM is seriously frowned upon and will lead to your account suspension.
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